Pride Makes Perfect

Outstanding modern designs, built on freehold land with the highest quality materials: these residence features are the Saachi Group’s specialty. Headquartered in Bali, Indonesia, we are a full-service real estate company devoted to beautiful, smart, elegant luxury villas.

A Storied History

Our business model was developed with a special purpose: to combine our in-depth local expertise with Western standards of building material quality and customer service.

By offering our expertise on Bali and the intricacies of its local real estate market, we provide local and international clients alike with the ultimate one-stop experience. We streamline the real estate process to make your experience as convenient as possible – all the way from conception, to development, to management.

Whether managing high-end residential properties or multi-family buildings, our services are tailored and adapted to meet each client’s individual needs. By giving the best interests of our clients local representation, we strive to provide a stress-free experience at every step of the real estate process, including site selection, handling local permits, using established relationships with trusted local contractors, supervision, and property management. We specialize in freehold land opportunities, a rarity in Bali.

Our Services

The Saachi Group is a premium source for a complete range of expert services that are provided in synergy with reputable local partners and uniquely customized to each client’s needs, including:

  • Project development

  • Project management

  • Asset management

  • Real estate group/ Brokerage services

The Saachi Real Estate Group

The Saachi Real Estate Group provides high-end real estate services for residential and multi-family properties. We offer direction on how to navigate the particularities of the Balinese real estate market while keeping your best interests at heart. Our team provides local insights and global considerations so that you can own a piece of paradise while keeping your peace of mind. We propose a key-in-hand experience, from building developments to your specifications, to managing your assets. With a proven track record in the Bali market, we are the smart solution to real estate management in this region that allows you to stay worry-free.

The Saachi Group Asset Management

Beyond building highly customized villas, we are able to give you a comprehensive range of asset management services. All your property management needs are fulfilled at the best value thanks to our extensive network of local actors we can vouch for. Negotiations and supervision of sub-contractors and home service providers can be left to us with the assurance that your best interests are truly protected. While providing a seamless ownership experience for our customers, we preserve complete transparency through regular reports to owners, which include breakdowns of all trades and services, as well as financial statements.

Saachi Cywinski

Saachi is a successful entrepreneur turned real estate developer. Writeyboards, his first company founded his senior year of college, used a simple concept which was easy to manufacture, but provided an innovative way for offices and companies to creatively brainstorm and organize ideas and meetings. The company attracted backing from Mark Cuban and acquired Fortune 500 companies as clients. This success ultimately paved the way for Saachi to pursue his passion of developing high-end vacation properties in Southeast Asia, which is where he spent most of his childhood before moving to Los Angeles for his education.

Fiona Jan

Bali has been home to Fiona for over two decades, making her an invaluable local partner. While witnessing Bali’s transformation from small hippy destination to world-class hotspot, Fiona built a long history of successful business ventures, spanning from Balinese furniture export to the U.S. to clothing manufacturing and design. Because of her background, Fiona has a long-standing working relationship with trusted Balinese suppliers and vendors. Her problem-solving creativity and intimate knowledge of local regulations and business practices are priceless assets for the company, helping to mitigate operational and legal risks.